Safety  Warning:This policy is formulated in a bid to regulate the claims settlement related to our oversea products, which will help to reduce customers complaints, cultivate customers loyalty, establish our HUAAN brand presence and raise the popularity and international market ratio of our products. 

This warranty  applies to the original purchaser and is not transferable.


 I.  Normal Warranty 

1.  Eligibility

HUAAN Tire must be purchased directly from JIANGSU HUAAN RUBBER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD  (Indirect purchasers have  to submit claim to upper distributors).

2.  Time-Limit

1) Claims would be  given to the tires that are in normal use according to specified conditions,  production date is within 3 years, tread pattern wear conform to the regulations in claim policy, early damages appear due to manufacturing quality problems, and  in accordance with the following rules.

2) There is no claim  for tires of which production date is over 3 years.


II. Claim  Standards

1. Tube type

1.1 As to the tire with a tread wear less than 2mm, well claim one to one without any charges, For tread wear more than 2mm, fees will be applied based on the actual tread wear depth. 

1.2 No compensation applicable when the residual pattern depth is less than the 50% tread wear indicator.

1.3 The formulas applicable to calculate the compensation ratio are as follows (the results are rounded to the first digit after the decimal point): 

-(the real depth of the tread wear/the effective depth of the pattern) 

Where, the real depth of the tread wear equals to the depth of the new pattern minus the tested pattern depth, and the effective depth of the pattern means the difference between the depth of the new pattern and the depth of the tread wear indicator. 

Please refer to the attached List of TBR Pattern Depth for the detail of the pattern depth with each new TBR size. 


2. Tubeless Type

2.1 As to the tire with a tread wear less than 50%, well claim one to one without any charges.  

2.2 No compensation applicable when the residual pattern depth is less than 50% tread wear indicator. 

2.3 Please refer to the attached List of TBR Pattern Depth for the detail of the pattern depth with each new TBR size.  

3. Business Adjustments standards

The following symptoms can get an amount percentage of the regular compensation given to tires with manufacturing problems: 

3.1 Tires with separation issues caused by heat generation between different components at high speed, heavy load or after long time running, yet without obvious surface injury. 

3.2 Bead Crack: circumferential crack above the water-proof line on the sidewall due to long-term overload or under inflation, but without obvious rip, mechanic damage, run-over injury or scratches, etc. 

3.3 Wire of Tires pulled-out from O ring.

The following conditions can be provided with business adjustment only after a fee is charged as per the depth of real tread wear: 

3.4 Tires with Sidewall Bulge.

3.5 Tires with obvious external deficiency. 

3.6 Tires with bad uniformity or out of balance, resulting in vehicle jolting or trembling. 

New tires with any of the above mentioned conditions yet without injury can be replaced only if they have not been used; as for the ones that have been used, we will try to persuade our customers to continue using them, but if they disagree, the tires can be replaced based on the condition that they have to pay the tread wear fee as per the real depth of the pattern, and favorable treatment is unavailable if the tread wear is over 4mm.(The tread wear less than 1mm can be rounded). 

4. Methods to measure the pattern depth 

4.1 Measurement tool: vernier caliper for tires with precision of 0.1mm.

4.2 Measuring spots:  for lugs, take the 2/5 point of the length between the crown middle line and the shoulder (close to the middle line); for ribs, if the tire has three grooves, take the depths of the side ones, then work out their average as the measuring value, if it has four grooves, take all their depths, then figure out their average; for the dual purpose tread pattern, take the depth of the major grooves.

4.3 The measuring method: steer clear of the tread wear indicator, touch the bottom of the groove and make sure the vernier caliper is perpendicular to the bottom of the groove. 

4.4 Calculating method: take three points along the circle, work out the arithmetic mean value as its result, keeping one digit on the right side of the decimal point. 


III. What Isnt  Covered

3.1 Tires sold as non-certified ones.

3.2 Tires those are over three years from their production date.

3.3 Tires with residual pattern depth that are lower than requirements.

3.4 Tires damaged due to inappropriate storage. 

3.5 Tire damages happened in the early stage and caused by choosing wrong type of tires.

3.6 Tires damaged by improper installation. 

3.7 Tire damages happened in the early stage and caused by improper use not following the standards. 

3.8 Tires with worn out or incomplete trade-marks.

3.9 Tires damaged at the location of Tire No. Makes Tire with unidentifiable Tire No. and production date. 

3.10 Tires damages caused by mechanic, overheating and other relevant reasons. 

3.11 Repaired or retread tires.

3.12 Tires with fake trade-mark and fabricated serial number.


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