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A real overload tire from Huaan factory

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A real overload tire from Huaan factory.

Not all tires have a super loading capacity, but Huaan tire dones it well. Huaan tire can easily support a truck with 110 ton.

If you suffer much pain from overload purpose, welcome to test Huaan tires. Huaan tire is stronger than you can see.

HUAAN Tire 12.00R20 22PR 578H

HUAAN Tire 12.00R20 22PR 578H


Un neumtico realmente sobrecargado proviene de la fbrica de los neumticos de HUAAN.

No todos los neumticos tienen una capacidad de sobrecarga muy fuerte, pero los neumticos de HUAAN s lo han hecho. Los neumticos de HUAAN pueden sencillamente soportar 110 toneladas en un camin. 

Si tienes muchos dolores debido a  los neumticos trabajan sobrecarga , bienvenido a probar los neumticos de HUAAN. Los neumticos Huaan son ms fuertes de lo que crees.

If the quality is good enough, it is never too late for the market. If you need a premium tire to support your market and sales channel, you can try Huaantire and GuoxintireHuaan tire serves the global market. Send us a email and you can get more information about Huaan tires. Email: info@huaantire.com,   WhatsApp: 0086-16652712237 


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